I recently watched the TED talk called “An Independent Diplomat” by Carne Ross. As a whole, the presentation was well delivered with Ross offering his personal background as well as the major decisions he has made thus far in his life. He gives a genuine view of what it is like to be constrained to a certain job, and then he gives an account of how he sought to breaks the boundaries that his former job forced upon him. Throughout the entire video, it is clear that Ross is just like any other employee in a regular job. The ambition and passion he exhibits are ultimately what allow him to define his own career after years of letting others control his higher pursuits.

To summarize his childhood and life prior to becoming a diplomat, Ross describes himself at an early age thoroughly enjoying many aspects of international affairs. As he grew up during interesting political situations like the Cold War between the US and Russia, he was able appreciate world wide negotiations as pivotal events throughout history. This eventually led him to apply to be a diplomat for the UK. He describes the process as being extremely competitive, as only a select few are chosen from thousands of applicants.

As an official representative of the United Kingdom, Ross says that he enjoyed every moment while he worked for his country. An added bonus was the ability to be at the forefront of negotiations between representatives of influential countries in the world. He was even able to live in many different countries, including New York towards the end of his career with the UK diplomatic services. This was, however, also the point where he decided to not return to his job in London even though he had so much going well for him. He decided to become an independent diplomat for unrecognized states so that they could have an actual voice in international proceedings.

The speaker’s story highlighted something that I believe everyone struggles with from time to time. We often have our own passions and pursuits yet continually find ourselves either not using our skills to our full potential or simply seeking more out of our day to day jobs. Lucky for us in this day and age, there is so much potential for freedom in deciding how you want to use your abilities to better the world. With all of the new technology that we see emerge daily, there are so many opportunities for us to define our own unique careers as countries all across the world grow closer economically and culturally.